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ghostporn on Friday Night Mike’s. Thanks for having us!’

Week in Music: 04.14.14 

I was introduced to Serge Gainsbourg via Blonde Redhead, who do a version of “La Chanson de Slogan” on Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. One of my aunts gave me a little CD booklet of things she’d burned to me for Christmas when I was maybe 13. Blonde Redhead, Le Tigre, Soft Cell, and Stereototal. Blonde Redhead were the first band I remember listening to and thinking, ‘This music feels too mature for me, too melancholy, but I’m going to keep listening to it until I like it.’ Coming off an intense Ramones, Buzzcocks, Clash, and Dead Kennedys kick, Blonde Redhead’s sophistication repelled me, but, as anyone who understands my weird little Pisces brain knows, I almost always come around to loving what I once hated.

I only got into Bob Dylan a few years ago. My dad hates, for no rational reason, almost all music made in New York, e.g. Lou and the Velvets, Sonic Youth, and Bob Dylan. Listening to the Velvet Undergound was an act of rebellion in our house, as was warming up to Dylan. My only exposure to his music had been through my step-dad who owned Slow Train Coming, Dylan’s post-Born-Again record. I came to him on my own through “Visions of Johanna,” which Kenny had put on while we were working together at the record store one rainy night. Both of us were in recovery from break-ups, and we listened to the song maybe three times in a row. After that I discovered Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and the Basement Tapes. Desire-era Dylan is one I haven’t explored much, but I heard “Isis” for the first time this week. 

I used to go out with a guy who lived in LA when I was still living in San Luis Obispo, and I’d drive down to see him at least once a month. I was still seeing him for a little while when I started working at the record store and I remember asking my co-worker, Malik, for good driving music. He recommended Pink Flag and Marquee Moon. Wire and Television remind me of those solo drives to and from LA, blaring my tunes, smoking a million cigarettes, so free.

This weekend I showed Kenny “In Every Dream Home a Heartache.” After he heard it, he said he thinks ghostporn has a Roxy Music vibe, and it’s no big secret that I love dramatic, emotional voices singing about dark, intense things.

Tonight we checked out a new Persian restaurant in Los Feliz and I swear to g they were playing some Julee Cruise-type instrumentals in there. Great ambiance. Happy Blood Moon, everyone.  

Spring inspiration

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Yesterday I told my boss I had to climb a ladder to get up to a client’s office, but it was actually a staircase, because I forgot that not everyone knows that I describe my experiences in terms of how it felt and not how it was. 

Week in Music 04.06.14

I started this week with “Gates of Steel” on repeat. I like Devo, I’ve never been a huge fan of their stuff, but I’m a sucker for Les Paul-driven, call-to-the-dance-floor anthems and the lyrics aren’t bad either: Superman meets early rock n roll meets bleeps and bloops. 

My weird job’s been busy, which made the week go by in a quick haze, but I remember hearing this Love song at some point on the office Sonos. This is a demo of some kind and Arthur Lee’s vocals are on point.The verses are pretty standard 1960s-blues-rock nonsense, but the chorus is super bleak, which is what has always drawn me to Love. Forever Changes is paisley meets paranoia where the Sunset Strip meets Laurel Canyon.

I’m fortunate enough to 
I live about a song-length away from work, so I get to go home for lunch almost every day, very rare, especially in Los Angeles. “Breakdown” came on during one of my return trips, and I had totally forgotten about this single. I also forgot that it features Bone Thugs, which, along with working with Puff Daddy, were part of the Butterfly Queen’s rebound from and musical fuck-you to Tony Mottola. Girl power.

Malik introduced me to the Space Lady a while ago and sent me her LP in the mail this week. Thanks, Miko Klaus! For fans of echo, far-out street performers, and deep space exploration. Read an interview and a bit of background on her here. I chose two tracks this week: “Major Tom” because I’m a Bowie freak, and “Putting on the Ritz” because of its sinister, nervous energy.

I’m ending this week with some mom-folk (which, if you don’t know, is like dad-rock, but for free-spirited moms), a Victoria Williams track called “Periwinkle Sky.” We’ve had breezy, springy weather all week, with tons of puffy clouds and blue skies. For enjoying coffee and doing some gardening on a Sunday morning.


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Cosmonaut 💘 the Space Lady // thank you @mikoklaus